Principles of corporate finance
It does not matter if you are a professional in finance or just starting to study such a complex and interesting science as economics - the book Principles of Corporate Finance has incorporated a conceptual database on finance.
The Ultimate Marketing Plan
"The Ultimate Marketing Plan" is about how to clearly define the advantage of your product, how to convey this information to potential customers, how to make a working marketing plan, and all this with minimal costs.

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Created by Dieter Schneider

The book is a work of the greatest merchant in the history - Jesse Livermore - a loner, an individualist and the most successful exchange speculator. Written shortly before his death in 1940, this book is still one of the most famous and popular among financial literature.

It will allow you to understand the mechanisms and reasons why he could win and lose tens of millions of dollars. During the 45 years of trading and stock market surveillance, Jesse Livermore developed a number of unique tools using his own formulas and equations that raised the trading system's profitability to a new level. Autobiography and historical details turned the book into a fascinating novel, which is read in one breath.

By nature, Jesse was always a gambler. He repeatedly lost all his fortune and again found it. This person is a vivid example of how philosophically one can relate to material goods. But despite all his recklessness, Jesse Livermore was a great technical analyst.

Is the book "How to trade in stocks" relevant today after almost a hundred years have passed since its writing? Everything has changed around: the principles of trade, ways of communication, methods and tools of stock markets. There is neither a telegraph tape nor a board with quotations with which Livermore worked. Today, one cannot imagine stock exchanges without computer networks and cell phones. The volume of exchange trade increased to the same size as traders of the 20th century did not dream of. Is knowledge of age-old limitations able to help today's exchange players?

The strength and value of the book of Livermore is in the fact that its basis is the common sense and logic that this extraordinary man relied on all his life. The publication does not have any philosophical fabrications, nor any magic of technical systems that losers like to invent. Hope and disappointment, ups and downs, rapture and panic, fear and greed - from time immemorial these human passions rule the markets, so it was and always will be. Overcoming of oneself, development of intuition, ability to read information about prices, supply and demand and correctly interpret news - this priceless knowledge will never become obsolete.

The book will be interesting to those who want to learn how to make forecasts about the stock trade. All specialists in the sphere of finance and economics should definitely get acquainted with the work of such an outstanding writer as J.Livermore.